Friday, 18 March 2016

Congratulations Candy Aung for winning 2016 Emerging Architect Prize

Construction Forum Myanmar (CFM) congratulates Candy Aung for winning 2016 Emerging Architect Prize.

Candy commenced her journey towards a career of architecture in Burma where she studied at the Yangon Institute of Technology. She studied civil and structural engineering for three years before realising that her passion for the profession of architecture.

With family ties already established in Australia, Candy moved to Adelaide to complete her diploma of Arts at the Douglas Mawson Institute of TAFE before being accepted into the architecture degree at the University of Adelaide. 

Upon completion of her architectural degree in 2004, Candy commenced work as a draftsperson, before working with local practice Anthony Donato Architects in 2008 – 2010. Candy is currently employed at Grieve Gillett Dimitty Anderson Architects, contributing in practice and gaining experience in institutional, education and residential project work. In addition, Candy is the current Co-Chair of New Architects and Graduates Group (NAG), which aims to bridge the gap between study and practising architecture.

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